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About me

Hi my name is Szelmis Black Ayurvedic Practitioner, mum to 3 beautiful children, wife and earth Mama. I stumbled upon Ayurveda after giving birth to my second child. I was overwhelmed and drowning in a sea of questions that western medicine had no answers for. 

The truth seeker in me wanted to find the answers. I plunged head first into the world of Ayurveda. 


Szelmis Black
Founder + Ayurvedic Practioner
What is AYURVEDA? 


Ayurveda, is a 5000 year old ancient, traditional based medical system ; a complete healing science. Ayurveda translates to “The Science of Life” in sanskrit. Ayurveda is one of the oldest and most complete systems of natural healing, which aims at empowering humanity to take charge of their own personal health and wellness. Today Ayurveda is at the forefront of mind body medicine, and is gaining recognition throughout the world for it’s complete system of healing and it’s holistic approach. Ayurveda views the individual as a whole, taking into consideration diet/lifestyle habits and practices, physical state as well as mental conditions. When we are balanced we are less likely to fall ill or suffer from disease, it is only then that we are in harmony with nature and our surroundings.



The Space

Satya Veda is a place to come and leave your troubles behind for as long as you remain within it’s walls this is a sanctuary.  From the moment you step inside this sanctuary, housed within a humble, love filled studio this space embodies everything Ayurveda. A balance of natural elements, herbs, potions, tonics and most importantly a space to feel, completely at peace. It’s a little bit quirky ( like it’s owner ) but housed between it’s walls is a place of comfort, relaxation and love to generate the beautiful healing energy to take you on your journey within.


What I Do


We are skilled in the ancient art of Aryuveda and want to show you the power of the bodies ability to transform itself.  


Our skincare range is natural with no nasties. All products are packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable amber glassware.

Health Consult

We offer tailored plans that analyse and identify the imbalances within your body taking into account diet/lifestyle/treatment and prescribing the applicable herbal/home remedies


Feeling tired?Anxious?Sore?

Customised and tailored plans that outline diet/lifestyle/treatment/herbal/home remedies and possible detoxification procedures, according to what your body needs.



Ayurveda is not a one size fits all aproach in regards to imbalance. We look at the individual and
their unique doshic constitution (prakrithi), we can them determine where the body has become imbalanced.

Ayurveda incorporates nutritional advice as well as recipes suitable to your body type, home remedies and herbal medicines



Treating the mind would include meditation practices, pranayama, yoga asanas and mantras


Treatment of the physical body with therapeutic body work therapies and lifestyle advices to improve your overall health and mental wellbeing.

I’ve have used Szelmis’s natural products for years now and they are by far the best out of the many other brands I have tried. Recently Szelmis has become my Ayurvedic practitioner and her knowledge and support continually amaze me. 

Laura Van Der Meulen

“Yes, yes and more yes to this cleanse. I was lucky to be in a trial and had food etc delivered and my goodness it was such a great purge at the end. If you’re up for a quick, well supported cleanse program then this is it”

Lynne Braithwaite

“You can tell Szelmis really loves what she does as she genuinely wants to help and has the knowledge to recommend a variety of natural, holistic methods to suit your body type and needs”

Karen Williams

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