Lymphatic Drainage massage is a type of massage that encourages circulation of the lymph in the body and improves the ability to detoxify through the lymphatic system. If there is stagnation and congestion in the lymph you will notice symtoms of water retention, painful/swollen breasts during menses, localised swelling of the joints and often puffiness of face and under eyes. I use stimilating and rigorous massage techniques to move stagnant lymphatic fluid. As the skin is the nearest pathway of elimination, following up with a steam bath allows accumulated toxins or waste to be removed through the sweat.

Improves circulation
Reduce water retention
Remove toxins




Ayurvedic deep tissue massage with medicated oil and hot stones

Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga) is performed with warm medicated massage oils. This process helps to calm and pacify the musculoskeletal and central nervous systems. It helps to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, it helps to tone and detoxify the tissues, whilst strengthening the muscles and the skin. Abhyanga provides nourishment for the whole body, helps to improve sleep patterns and increases longevity.

Warm application of medicated oils is a self loving ritual known a snehana in Ayurveda. Sneha translates to ‘oil’ or ‘love’ in Sanskrit. Wrap yourself up in oily love and allow your body to be nourished and restored with this divine ancient massage technique.

Medicated oils
Calm the Nervous system
Improve circulation


Meridian and Marma point massage

(Requires health analysis before treatment)

Restore, rejuvenate and re-energise your body with a range of acu-pressure techniques designed to stimulate the subtle channels of the body. After consultation I get a deeper understanding of what is happening internally in the body. I then tailor a plan according to organ function, digestive capacity and current imbalance that may be occurring. I then create a treatment plan, focal point of specific marma points/meridian lines that need to be worked on in order to bring back equilibrium to the bodies natural state.

Warm medicated oils are applied to the skin along with specific massage techniques according to the bodies needs. More than one treatment may be required to see best results.

Improve Organ Function
Remove toxins
Revitalises energy centres
Warm Medicated oils


3 Hours | $250


This treatment has every element of cleansing, revitalizing and renewing all of the energy centres of the body, mind and spirit. Come relax and unwind at Satya Veda, for a 3 hour immersion of self love and rejuvenation. Enjoy Ayurvedic techniques of  Garshana/Dry skin brushing with herbal powders, Abhyanga medicated herbal oil/lymphatic  massage with hot stones, Ayurvedic 7 step facial, followed by a steam to remove toxins throughout the skin. To finish a beautiful energising herbal tea with  bliss ball.

This treatment is designed to release that Goddess within

Kati Basti with Abhyanga




(Requires health analysis before treatment)

Ayurvedas Kati Basti is a lower and back treatment used in the case of disc compression, lumbar degeneration, sciatic pain, general tension, tightness  and debilitation of the spinal column. A dam made of dough is placed over the affected area and it is filled with warm/hot medicated oil, using medicated oil with heat helps to soften and nourish tight aching muscles and to repair the deeper tissue layers, increasing blood flow to allocated area to aid in the healing process., whilst strengthening surrounding muscle, tendons and ligaments.

Greeva Basti cervical, degenerative neck conditions, chronic pain.

Hridaya Basti (heart) heart conditions, fear, anxiety, grief.

Janu Basti knee conditions, degeneration.

Shirodhara with head and neck massage


(Requires health analysis before treatment)

Shirodhara is Ayurvedas famous rejuvenating therapy, useful in stabalizing the state of mind and bringing the body back into harmony. The use of warm medicated oils has a rejuvenative and restorative effect, calming the entire nervous system. This practice allows for a deep meditative practice and helps you to journey within. Shirodhara is chosen to combat the effects of stress, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, pre and post menopausal issues, nervous system disorders, mental exhaustion, migraines, headaches and general debilitation.

Medicated oils
Reduce Stress
Reduce Insomnia
Combat Migraines 

Ruksha/Pinda Sweda with full body massage

(Requires health analysis before treatment)

Ruksha Sweda is a herbal heat treatment used to promote sweating of the skin and tissues, to remove accumulated toxins. The heat allows the herbs to penetrate to the deeper tissue layers to enable the healing process. Useful when there is swelling, heavy or tight muscles pain or stiffness in the joints and ligaments, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Pinda Sweda is chosen when there is degenerative conditions such as Osteo Arthritis of general wear and tear of the joints and ligaments. This is a more nourishing and restorative condition for nervous system disorders, spinal cord degeneration, neuropathy, muscular distrophy, fibro myalgia and lumbar spondylosis

Swelling or tight joints
Rheumatoid arthritis 
Restorative + Nourishing 



1hr $90 | WITH FULL BODY MASSAGE 1.5hr $140

Incorporating Ayurvedas favourite rejuvenating skin herbs.

There are 8 steps to an Ayurvedic facial- Cleansing, Snehana (oleation of the skin, massaging marma points to release toxins, Swedana (herbal steam), Exfoliation/scrub to remove dead skin cells, cleansing or replenishing facial  pack/mask, toning/rejuvenation, Moisturising, Hydration.


30min $60 | WITH FULL BODY MASSAGE 1.5hr $150 

Nasaya is an Ayurvedic practice that administers herbal oils, juices or powders through the nasal passages, to cleanse, detoxify or nourish the pathways. Nasaya is beneficial in the treatment of sinus issues, hay-fever, migraines, neck problems, helps to reduce stress and is helpful in the treatment of depression as it stimulates the vital centres of the brain that regulate emotions. Generally no less than 3 treatments required to see great results


 1.5 hr $140, 1 hr $120, 45 mins $80, 30 mins $60


When I perform a patient analysis, I determine the individuals body constitution or dosha (vata, pitta, kapha). Once your constitution is determined, I look at ways the body has become imbalanced  by numerous questions, tongue, eye, and pulse analysis. This helps to give me an understanding of what is happening internally and also how well we digest, absorb and assimilate our food. After examination I will tailor a plan diet/lifestyle/treatment/herbal/home remedies and possible detoxification procedures, according to what your body needs.

“As long as we are not living in harmony with nature and our constitution, we cannot expect
ourselves to really be healed. Ayurveda gives us the means”

–  Dr David Frawley

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