short home cleanse 


This cleanse is designed to detoxify and nourish your digestive tract, to help you to become a betterfat burner (not fat storer) and to cleanse and clean the drains in your body (lymphatic system).

Why we cleanse with Ghee

Ghee is Ayurvedas super fat. When we take increased amounts of ghee we are allowing our body to release fat soluble toxins from within the cell walls. Ghee binds together with these toxins and carries them through to the digestive tract for elimination.

Why we follow a mono diet

During the cleanse we follow a mono diet of kitchari. Kitchari is a complete protein (a source of protein that contains each of the nine essential amino acids necessary for the human diet) and a complex carbohydrate (fibre and starch and natural sugars that promote bowel regularity and helps to maintain cholesterol and glucose levels) along with digestive spices that help to increase our digestive fire and rekindle our agni (digestive strength), whilst gently purging accumulated toxins.

All of these factors reset our digestive fire and enable us to digest heavier foods such as meat, wheat and dairy.

Total reset of the digestive tract occurs helping us to heal our intestinal walls, removal of accumulation allows us to absorb vital nutrients and minerals from our food sources,

Cleansing package



Cleansing pack includes: 


Kitchari packages for 4 days.

Detox Soup Paste.

Herbal wine to increase digestive fire and eliminate toxins.

Herbs to increase digestion and to gently purge toxins, (herbs to be taken before food).

Herbs to cleanse liver, gallbladder, lymphatic system, taken after food.

Final day, herbs and oil to purge.






Ayurvedic cleanses are tailored to the individual according to your doshic constitution and imbalances that are present. Each cleanse provides a package that includes foods sufficient for cleanse and tailored herbal prescription for your body type along with different measures for purging accumulated toxins, fats, heavy metals, oxalates and waste products that can accumulate within the body and the tissues. Cleansing packages also provide sufficient body work therapies designed to detoxify the body through various measures of elimination protocols.



Colon Cleanse: (health consultation advisable)

Liver Cleanse: (health consultation advisable)

Kidney Cleanse: :(health consultation advisable)

Gallbladder Cleanse:  (health consultation advisable)


2 week purification practice includes

Initial consultation


Kitchari package

Detox soup paste Detox Soup Paste.

Herbal wine to increase digestive fire and eliminate toxins.

Herbs to increase digestion and to gently purge toxins, (herbs to be taken before food).

Herbs to cleanse liver, gallbladder, lymphatic system, taken after food.

Final day, herbs and oil to purge.

2 bodyworks therapies (abhyanga oil massage and steam) to help to move and eliminate toxins.



 (health consultation advisable)

Utara Basti is performed to restore our natural biorhythms and to help us to become harmonious with the cycles of the moon. This practice helps to maintain healthy hormonal levels, to recall the natural rhythms of your Shakti Prana and revitalize your spirit, whilst cleansing the reproductive organs of negative, stored emotions of past trauma and/or  toxin accumulation.

This practice is tailored to the individual. The preservation of good health is in the understanding of natures cycles and rhythms. Ayurvedic herbal prescription and detoxification practices are prepared,  according to current imbalance present. This treatment is advisable in preparing the body for fertility, in conditions of PCOS, endometriosis, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, irregular bleeding cycles, cleansing the urinary system and genital organs, sexual trauma, miscarriage and abortion . This process improves circulation, provides nourishment, Utara Basti opens the channels of the reproductive system whilst removing toxicity.



(health consultation advised to tailor suitable plan)

Panchakarma is Ayurvedas ultimate healing and detoxifying practice. Panchakarma is designed to eliminate the bodies excesses and toxic wastes. The intention of Panchakarma is to restore the body back to its natural state of being, to impart vibrancy and vitality, to make the body cleansed and new again, to strengthen the body mind and soul

Due to our current lifestyles, being exposed to environmental toxins and pathogens, due to poor nutrition or lack of exercise, the bodies internal homeostasis can become disorganised. This can lead to accumulation of toxins, allowing it to spread throughout the body and can result in an array of Disease, Immune deficiencies, Auto immune conditions.

Panchakarma uses five phases of detoxification, designed to penetrate and dislodge toxins from the seven tissue layers, Rasa (Plasma channel), Rakta (Blood channel), Mamsa (Muscle channel), Meda (Fat channel), Ashti (Bone channel), Majja (Nervous system and bone marrow channel) and Shukra (Reproductive channel). This detoxification practice has powerful and long lasting health benefits.

The five phases is a tailored plan according to the individual depending on Ayurvedic constitution, doshic imbalances, age, digestive strength, immune status, seasonal influence and other factors condidered by your practitioner.

Panchakarma belongs to the Shodana group of therapies :

First step:

 Deepana Pachana, we choose suitable foods and digestive herbs/spices to increase digestive fire and to start eliminating toxins. When digestive fire has increased we can move on to next step of purification.

Second step :

Oleation of the the body, internally with medicated ghee, externally with Abhyanga (Ayurvedic oil massage) and Shirodhara practice. This process helps to soften the sticky toxic accumulation to help in elimination process

Third step:

Swedana is a sweat inducing therapy chosen for its ability to open up the channels and to liquefy toxins, bringing into the GI tract for elimination and removing toxins through the skin via the sweat.

Fourth Step:

According to your doshic constitution and imbalance present we will choose suitable method of evacuation of the toxins, through purgation methods or medicated herbal enema therapy.

Fifth Step:

Nasaya treatment, chosen to remove accumulation of toxins throughout the sensory organs and brain, via the nasal passages, or the closest pathway of elimination. Medicines administered in the forms of oils, powders, herbal juices of medicated smoke inhalation. This process revitalises the sensory organs and helps to cleans and purify the subtle channels of the mind.


Panchakarma Practice is tailored to the individual strength and power of digestion, this process can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks, one week of therapies will be performed within that time. Prices will vary according to the individual and will be structured according to treatment protocol necessary

“As long as we are not living in harmony with nature and our constitution, we cannot expect
ourselves to really be healed. Ayurveda gives us the means”

–  Dr David Frawley

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